July 2007 - PAGE ONE

As previously mentioned, 80136 has now moved to Llangollen and this was the scene on 26th July 2007. Click on the picture for more.

A ride on the Welsh Highland Railway - more HERE

 LNWR workshops at Crewe and the Duchess was sat nose-to-nose with "Union of South Africa", strange bedfellows.. 03/07/2007

The Duchess's right hand motion. 03/07/2007

Standard Tank 80136 was awaiting its transfer to The Llangollen Railway. 03/07/2007

I had seen that there was a Freightliner class 86 waiting in the station and, as it left with another classmate in tow, it was making an almighty racket - a series of bangs as it moved. 03/07/2007

86621 was towing 86627 and it was the latter that was in trouble. It was carrying the most enormous wheel flat that I have ever seen - or heard. The pair were moving very slowly for obvious reason and were heading for the IEMD to maybe sort out the problem. 03/07/2007

Later analysis of the shots I took revealed the right, rear trailing wheel as the source of the problem. Whether it was a flat or a piece of wheel missing I couldn't tell but it was a bad one. 03/07/2007