June 2007 - PAGE ONE

 LNWR workshops at Crewe and class 4F number 44422 was receiving attention before moving to Minehead and The West Somerset Railway for the rest of 2007. 6/6/2007

Simple yet proud as it sat in the Summer sunshine. 6/6/2007

While the boiler received attention the bottom end was being cleaned prior to departure. This shot is misleading in that the engine is black - the red was the reflection from the adjacent building. 6/6/2007

Stood nearby was A4 Pacific number 60009 "Union of South Africa" receiving a service. 6/6/2007

Inside the boiler shop was the boiler from Class 5 number (4)5379. 6/6/2007

As ever these workshops are not open to the public and, like any engineering workshop, are potentially dangerous to the untrained.
My thanks to the staff at LNWR Heritage for their indulgence.