A trip to Crewe to see the return of 40145 from Carlisle. The Pathfinder charter had been brought from West Ruislip that morning by 67006 "Royal Sovereign" which was now sitting waiting in the evening Sun. 25/04/2009

67006 is in "Royal" livery.

 40145 arrived running about 20 minutes down. 25/04/2009

 Having waited to see it enter platform 12, it went into platform 11!!!    25/04/2009

 A quick dash to the South end of the station where 47848 "TITAN STAR" was parked up in the depot yard. 25/04/2009

After much messing around the class 40 eventually left its train. 25/04/2009

  The low, very pale, evening Sun played havoc with the colours as the passengers watched the departure. 25/04/2009

 As 145 left with much noise from the twintones the class 67 crept up the platform 12 avoiding loop. 25/04/2009

 006 stopped just outside the station and then reversed onto the train. 25/04/2009

 I used the camera's video function to record the train leaving while taking stills at the same time - you can do that. However the stills were rubbish so I have to study the manual again so no departure shots. 25/04/2009

221115 entering platform 11 bound for Chester. 25/04/2009