November 2009 - PAGE ONE

 57303 "Alan Tracy" had just reversed onto its Pendolino 390001 "Virgin Pioneer" in preparation for its drag to Holyhead. 14/11/2009

 The connections were proving troublesome and some cable swapping was involved. 14/11/2009

 Ready to leave on time. 14/11/2009

 390049 "Virgin Express" waited in platform 12 while forming the 10.32 to London Euston. The train eventually left some 35 minutes down. 14/11/2009

 66106 arrived off the Shrewsbury line with an RHTT set and in driving rain. 14/11/2009

 Trailing on the other end was 66111 - is that a Highland Stag logo to the right of the number? 14/11/2009

DRS 47 number 47802 "Pride of Cumbria" was waiting for the road. 04/11/2009

67015 in Wrexham & Shropshire Railway livery and carrying the name "David J. Lloyd" travelled through platform 12 and stopped alongside 802. The 67 later left on the Shrewsbury line. 04/11/2009

802 took its load to the ARRIVA depot and returned on its own to bay platform 7. It later left on the Shrewsbury line, presumably for Gresty Bridge. 04/11/2009

A dirty 221109 entering Crewe. 04/11/2009