New PC, new screen and new Photoshop so apologies if things don't look quite right. Feedback would be appreciated TIA.

 Battle of Britain class "Tangmere" was scheduled to run from Southall to Carnforth and I went to Winsford station to photograph it in transit as opposed to the usual Crewe station location. Unfortunately the transfer was cancelled so no Southern pacific but it did give me the opportunity to see just how busy the WCML really is. It also gave me the opportunity to see just how fast the traffic is these days and this was the first, a Pendolino that was really moving. It was 390032 "City of Birmingham" heading towards Crewe. 06/05/2011

 66512 heading North, light engine. 06/05/2011

 It wasn't just trains that were available that day - Cessna 404. 06/05/2011

 66546 passed through with a train of somewhat large "HEAVY HAUL" hoppers. 06/05/2011

 66620 followed in light engine format. 06/05/2011

 What I think was 221102 hurtled North......

 ......while 221103 followed it. At least I think those were the idents, they were going too fast to see so I am relying on the images. 06/05/2011

 92003 "Beethoven" took a fairly long, but not heavily laden, freight towards Crewe. 06/05/2011

 350125 thundered through en route for Liverpool. 06/05/2011