The boiler has been at Crewe for some time and is approaching completion so it is now time for the chassis to receive attention. The unit was transferred from Cheddleton some weeks ago and the next move was to remove the wheels so that new tyres can be fitted and the bearings attended to. Several volunteers arrived to undertake the separation and can be seen here working on the chain gang! All this scene needed was a part erected flag and it could have been a reenactment of a famous scene from American history.

 It was essential that the chain legs were set to the correct length to enable the frames to stay level when lifted. The weight is not evenly spread along the chassis so several test lifts were undertaken before a correct balance was achieved.

Balanced at last and the frames start to leave the wheels. 

 Slowly does it with a careful watch kept to make sure that the wheels didn't jam in the slides and lift with the chassis.

 Well clear now.

 That's it, the wheels are now separated.

 The chassis was now carefully swung round to be placed on a well wagon to await the return of the wheel sets.

 Positioning over the support blocks.

 Although there was no wind, the chassis did have a habit of swinging off line so guide ropes had been attached before the transfer was started.

 Steve and Philip keep a watchful eye on the proceedings.

 A chance to see the "guts" of the engine and it is quite easy to understand just what does what(!) in this mechanism.

 The overall scene, a beautifully controlled lift by professional people. Grateful thanks to Steve Latham and his team.