RUGEX 37's
17th November 2001

37418 "East Lancashire Railway" arrived in platform 6 with the 8.33 Manchester Piccadilly to Cardiff Rugby special.

With little apparent effort 418 lifted the stock out of Crewe. How much longer will we see this scene? 17/11/2001

Heading for Cardiff. 17/11/2001

37412 "Driver John Elliott" appeared off the Diesel depot and crossed over the running lines to collect stock for the next train. 412 is, of course, another past NWC stalwart. 17/11/2001

Once again the reversal, with stock, into the station, hmmm... This, of course, used to happen on a daily basis at the North end when trains from North Wales turned at Crewe via the Chester line and bay platform 9. 17/11/2001

Just like the "old" days sat in platform 12 waiting to depart. 17/11/2001

Moving subject, always trouble for the digitals, can be overcome with some effect by panning. This is my first attempt as "Driver John" ran past. 17/11/2001

An up Virgin train was sat in platform 5 and set off at exactly the same time as 412. I was convinced I would be blocked by the red peril but 412 easily outran the DVT 82195 "Spirit of ???" and 87017 "Iron Duke", the former just appearing in shot as I did a run past telephoto. 17/11/2001
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