The Anglesey Express
28th April 2001

The Hippos, or class 175 sets, are now in abundance on the coast line and while at Conwy waiting for "Hogwarts Castle" (Olton Hall) to arrive, I took some shots of these intruders. The magnificent setting at Conwy enhances the looks of these units which, if nothing else, are colourful and quiet. This is 175111 arriving on a stopping train for Holyhead. 28/4/2001

As 175111 left, 175105 arrived on an eastbound stopping train. 28/4/2001 

 Yet another as I waited in the biting wind, this time 175008. 28/4/2001

I stood facing the tunnel for well over an hour and was frozen so decided to cross over to the car park and into the sunshine. I knew full well that the steam locomotive would appear as soon as I left and in fact I just managed to run to the car park when I saw cameras being cocked on the opposite platform. Fortunately the train had slowed for the reverse curves and I managed this shot. 28/4/2001

I left Conwy for home and saw the train waiting in Llandudno Junction station so decided to try to catch it again at Abergele.Once again I froze on the platform before hearing the beat of the train approaching but just as the smoke could be seen in the distance the beat slowed to a stop and with the train expired. Now what? CLICK TO ENLARGE 28/4/2001

A 175/1 set was stopped on the down approach to the station and was brought forward by the signal lady under a red flag. The driver was (presumably) advised about the stricken train and proceeded with caution into the smoke. There was much blowing of horns as the diesel approached the 4-6-0. 28/4/2001

While watching the "Hall" brewing up in the distance I saw a cloud of steam as the cylinders were cleared of condensate and the train moved forward at a pace. I managed to get back to the platform to see "Hogwarts Castle" storm through leaving the platform surface covered with cinder - what a performance. 28/4/2001