87019, formerly "Sir Winston Churchill" has been renamed "Association of Community Rail Partnerships". The ceremony was performed by Mr.Pete Waterman whose company, LNWR, had undertaken the repainting works. 15/3/2005

 The locomotive looked absolutely magnificent. It was a black locomotive, in a dark bay platform on an overcast day - yuk! Unfortunately I didn't take my tripod so there was some juggling to get a shot with the consequence that the cream numbers have appeared white. Ah well, roll on Summer. 15/3/2005

 At the end of the bay was 66517. 15/3/2005

 An old friend in newer guise appeared in the form of 37401 "The Royal Scotsman". This locomotive in EWS colours and named "Mary Queen of Scots" was a regular performer on the North Wales Coast after receiving a heavy overhaul at Toton. After hanging around for a while, 401 headed off onto the Chester line, apparently it was on route learning duties! 15/3/2005

 WCR's 57601 ran into the holding siding before reversing and heading off onto the Stoke line. 15/3/2005

 20312 ran on to the platform 12 avoiding loop and sat for a while......

 .....before heading off South in a haze of its own making. 15/3/2005

 67016 appeared off the Stoke line and took off with its heavy load heading North. 15/3/2005

 57315 "The Mole" also appeared from Stoke and it too headed North. 15/3/1005

 90028 "Hertfordshire Rail Tours" brought 67006 "Royal Sovereign" and 92033 "Berlioz" through the station and off down the main line. 15/3/2005

 Demolition of the disused bay canopies continues apace and work at the South end is almost complete. 8/3/2005

 Seen from platform 6, the whole appearance of the station has changed. 8/3/2005

 Next in line are the North end canopies which will start to disappear on March 14th. 8/3/2005

This shot is taken from the foot bridge and appears in many old photographs of Crewe from the days of steam. 8/3/2005

From old to new and it appeared to be prototype day at Crewe with 390001 standing in platform 5....

 .....and 57303 "Scott Tracy" stood just round the corner on standby duty. Later on 170501 passed through but I am not sure that was a prototype. 8/3/2005

390001 was later to be joined by 390030(L) heading North.

Eventually, 001 left for London. 8/3/2005

390008 shot into platform 5.......

....where it stood for a while as 221105 arrived in 6 en route North. 8/3/2005

221108 dived down into platform 1 en route for Plymouth. 8/3/2005

Meanwhile, overhead, the Cheshire Police were doing some spotting of their own! 8/3/2005