Holyhead bound for 221115 "Sir Francis Chichester" as demolition of the canopies continues. 24/3/2005

 66516 passed through the station with a ballast train. 24/3/2005

 66603 turned in the station and was seen to be the victim of a can attack. 24/3/2005

 67015 came off the Stoke line and headed North with a short train of tankers. 24/3/2005

 90039 came off the IETD and paused for a few minutes before heading South. 24/3/2005

 The wasteland that is Crewe! 24/3/2005

 57316 batting through Sandbach in poor light. 22/3/2005

 I went to Northwich to see the Class 5 pass through en route for Chester but its late running combined with my stomach's needs meant I had to leave before it arrived. The only stock I saw was 142068 which I shot through the footbridge steps. The line in the bottom left of the picture is the Sandbach branch line. 19/3/2005

Demolition of the roofs over the disused bays at the North end of Crewe station is well under way as 57304 "Gordon Tracy" sits waiting for a green. 18/3/2005

 The Thunderbird ran out onto the West Coast Main Line and then reversed into platform 6. The locomotive then ran forward and off along the Manchester line. 18/3/2005

 66513 waited as 221137 "Mayflower Pilgrims" headed off towards Holyhead ex London Euston. 18/3/2005

 513 followed closely with a train of JNA's, presumably en route for Penmaenmawr. 18/3/2005

 Dead on time a Rugex ecs working crept into platform 12 headed by 47847 "Railway World Magazine/Brian Morrison". It also left on time with the morning Sun now able to create an atmosphere as the canopies disappear. 18/3/2005

 The train was heading for Holyhead with 8 on to form the 14.31 Holyhead-Cardiff. 18/3/2005

 Tacked on the back end was 47815 which was, until recently, named "Abertawe Landore". 18/3/2005

221130 "Michael Palin" headed for London ex Holyhead. 18/3/2005

 Yet more 47's as 47829, in Police livery, pulled into platform 2......

.....with 47812, formerly "Pride of Eastleigh" in tow. Both locomotives later headed South. 18/3/2005

Then yet ANOTHER 47 as 47851 "Traction Magazine" also ran into platform 2 before reversing onto the Stoke line and then returning through platform 1 to head North. 18/3/2005

 No complaints about lack of locomotives today as 66502 "Basford Hall Centenary 2001" ran into bay platform 8 before running onto Basford sidings. 18/3/2005

And still more as 31602 "CHIMERA" ran through the station heading South with a terrible, terrible cough!!! 18/3/2005