Just West of Colwyn Bay station and I was wet and frozen waiting for 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" to appear en route for Holyhead. I had to do something while I waited for over an hour so I took a picture of Voyager 221108 "Sir Ernest Shackleton" - thanks to Gwyn Williams for the ident information. 9/4/2005

 At last I could see steam wending its way round the coast and a few minutes later the train burst in to view. I was taken by surprise at its speed it was really thrashing - wow! 9/4/2005

 It had been announced that there would be two class 50 diesels on the rear to provide an electrical supply but the appearance of 47829 could indicate why the train was late - time will tell. 9/4/2005

 Evening now and Colwyn Bay station waiting for the return of 6233, if it comes on time the light is pretty good so a decent shot is in the offing? No way - it's late on the return as well so, again, I have to shoot something. This is 153320 tacked on the back of an anonymous class 158. 9/4/2005

 The light is still fading as 175104 heads East. 9/4/2005

 ...and then it happened! 6233 literally burst round the corner going at one heck of a pace with steam and smoke everywhere...

 Good job the camera will take rapid shots because the engine was on me in a flash. 9/4/2005

 Lucky beggars!

 The policeman was still hanging on the rear, what a sight and well worth the wait. Pity about the light though. When is the next run? 9/4/2005

B1 Class number 61264 storming through Alsager station en route for Derby. 8/4/2005

Heading away with the sun shining on the support coach while the black sky above was actually producing snow. 8/4/2005