JUNE 2014 - PAGE TWO  


 "Vulcan" at Ingrow. 08/06/2014

 The shuttle was moved into the siding to allow the next train in which was hauled by 33035. 08/06/2014

 Having boarded the train it continued towards Oxenhope but paused in Damems' loop to allow 37075, seen here exchanging tokens, to pass en route for Keighley. 08/06/2014

 Oakworth, the setting for much of The Railway Children film and the familiar cottage scene, home of the Mr Perks character, brilliantly played by Bernard Cribbins. 08/06/2014

 Oakworth station. 08/06/2014

 Keighley again and 33035 had just arrived. 08/06/2014

 Keighley main line station with 37075 parked in the background. 08/06/2014

 Three coach unit 158753 en route for Leeds. 08/06/2014

 144009 en route for Morcambe. 08/06/2014

 The final journey back to Oxenhope with the two class 25's leading and 33035 on the rear. Unfortunately one of the 25's, I never found out which, failed on the way but, after some attention at Haworth, we set off again. Speed was not a feature of the journey and it was clear there was still something wrong only for the train to stop again. At some point the 33 was detached from the rear, presumably to reduce weight, and eventually the train restarted and continued on to Oxenhope. There wasn't a very lengthy delay and everyone on board seemed to be of good heart. Why the 33 couldn't push the train I don't know but I assume there was some operational safety reason. 08/06/2014

 The museum at Oxenhope is worth a look and this gallant old L&Y 'Ironclad' No. 957 was one of the exhibits. 08/06/2014

 One of Stanier's finest. 08/06/2014

 Standard 2-6-4T. 08/06/2014

 "Jinty". 08/06/2014

 Longmoor Military Railway saddle tank No.118 "Brussels". 08/06/2014

 Manchester Ship Canal Co. No. 31 "Hamburg".
All-in-all a brilliant day and well worth the visit.