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 Nantwich, Cheshire, and 175010 heads for South Wales. 02/04/2016

 Shortly afterwards, 45699 "GALATEA" after having been held, was opened up as it rounded the curve.
The Jubilee was hauling the London-Chester, Cathedrals Express, having been attached at Crewe.

 Attached on the rear end was 47580 "County of Essex". 02/04/2016

 Parked at Crewe station was E3137/86259 "Les Ross/Peter Pan",
having brought The Cumbrian Mountain Express from London Euston.

 Having not seen class 86's on passenger duty for many years, today there were two,
86101 "Sir William A Stanier FRS" was hauling what I understand was a football special bound for Liverpool.

 Ancient and modern. 02/04/2016

 "GALATEA" entering Chester from Shrewsbury, running about an hour down. The station staff at Chester had been absolutely brilliant in making continuous announcements over the PA system to keep everyone informed of the train's progress. It would appear that the delay was due to a landslip near Nantwich. 02/04/2016

 Stopped in platform 4. 02/04/2016

 47245 had brought the train to Crewe and then ran to Chester to await the return trip. 02/04/2016

 45699 was detached at Chester, to return to Carnforth. 02/04/2016

 The locomotive and support coach ran out of the station...... reverse into the sidings for coal and water supplies. Sadly they were parked behind stabled units and out of view. 02/04/2016

 The class 47 reversed onto the waiting stock. 02/04/2016

 Waiting to leave from the bay platform was 221106 still bearing the "Prisoner" vinyls. 02/04/2016

 142045 - catch them while you can? 02/04/2016

 47245 leaving for Crewe and London Euston. 02/04/2016

 Back at Crewe, 86259 was still waiting for its train to return. 02/04/2016