46100 "Royal Scot"at Crewe. The engine was supposed to meet up with 45699 "Galatea" travelling down from Carnforth. The pair were due to leave for Southall but the Jubilee didn't arrive "due to contractual exclusions" (realtime trains) and was replaced by a class 47 and a class 37. 20/04/2016

The Scot reversed onto the UDL.  20/04/2016

Pendolino 390156 "Stockport 170".  20/04/2016

The replacement diesels arrived.  20/04/2016

47760.  20/04/2016

37706.  20/04/2016

The pair reversed onto the Scot.  20/04/2016

57301 passed through platform 12.  20/04/2016

A parting shot from the bridge.  20/04/2016

My transport home.  20/04/2016

I returned to Crewe to see yet another steam locomotive but caught this class 66 accelerating away from Sandbach.  20/04/2016

At Crewe, 57308 "County of Staffordshire" was on standby.  20/04/2016

The reason for the visit, WC Pacific 34036 "Braunton" was going out on test in the guise of 34052 "Lord Dowding".  20/04/2016

Heading for the triangle to turn for the run to Chester.  20/04/2016

Entering platform 12 for what was to be the first of two trial runs comprising Crewe-Chester-Crewe.  20/04/2016

Both waiting for release.  20/04/2016

59202 left for the WCML in a cloud of exhaust smoke.  20/04/2016

Closely followed by the (now) BB class in a different cloud of smoke.  20/04/2016

My intention was to follow the locomotive to Chester using the Crewe-Chester shuttle but the relevant train was cancelled at very short notice so I had to leave.  20/04/2016