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 Winsford station and a Southbound Pendolino passed through at an incredible speed. 16/04/2016

 "Desiro" 350257 on a Liverpool-Birmingham working. 16/04/2016

 350263 on a reverse working and in the distance can be seen 46100 "Royal Scot" waiting to gain access to the down fast. 16/04/2016

 The "Scot" began to move. 16/04/16

 "The Scot Commerorative" en route for Carlisle via Whitehaven. 16/04/2016

 66098 standing in bay platform 10 at Crewe together with 90036 "Driver Jack Mills" and 90029. 14/04/2016

 Possible failure? 14/04/2016

 A test train was parked by the carriage sheds with what looked like a Colas class 37 at the head plus one other. Later they were lit up but didn't leave while I was there. 14/04/2016

 47580 "County of Essex" arrived with 34067 "Tangmere" in tow and 47760 bringing up the rear. 14/04/2016

 I have no idea why the Battle of Britain class loco wasn't travelling solo. 14/04/2016

 Crewe-Chester shuttle. 14/04/2016

 The ensemble en route for Carnforth. 14/04/2016

 20142 and 20189 heading North with Porterbrook barrier vehicles 6394 and 6393 in tow. 14/04/2016

 37069 waiting in bay platform 7 before heading off towards Gresty Bridge. 14/04/2016