Nantwich station and 44871 storms over the level crossing en route for Crewe and Grange-over-Sands. 28/04/2016

 The train is The Great Britain IX and this leg of the nine day tour had started from Bristol. 28/04/2016

 On the rear was 57316. 28/04/2016

 Crewe station and the Network Rail new measurement train awaits a pathway with 43014 leading and......

 ......43062 "John Armitt" trailing.
I had visited Crewe to see Duchess of Sutherland arrive but it didn't, well not while I was there anyway!

On the LNWR (Heritage) depot was 44871 in steam. On 25/04/16, this engine failed on its way to Southall. 27/04/2016

 "Tiger" . 27/04/2016

 47832 arrived from Carnforth, possibly to collect the Black 5? 27/04/2016

 57311 "Thunderbird" and 57308 "County of Staffordshire" were parked but lit up. 27/04/2016

 A blurry shot from the train and it looks as if what I believe to be the boiler from "Thornbury Castle" is on the move. 27/04/2016

 Crewe station and two DRS class 57's appeared on the UDL - never a good sign with a steam hauled special due. 22/04/2016

308 "County of Staffordshire" and 307 "Lady Penelope". 22/04/2016

Crewe-Chester shuttle. 22/04/2016

The special running from Dumfries to Shrewsbury as The Salopian Express and hauled by Jubilee class 45690 "Leander". 22/04/2016

Ubiquitous 47580 "County of Essex" was on the rear. 22/04/2016

Taking on water at Crewe. 22/04/2016

The wreath was in memory of Ray Towell and the locomotive was later to acquire a headboard to that effect. 22/04/2016

Shrewsbury station looking North towards Chester. 22/04/2016

Leander entering Shrewsbury with its array of semaphore signalling. 22/04/2016

There were units everywhere at Shrewsbury. 22/04/2016

Returning to the station after having turned on the triangle. 22/04/2016

Entering Crewe on the return journey. 22/04/2016

37602 heading an infrastructure monitoring test train. 22/04/2016

37603 was on the rear. 22/04/2016

Departing Crewe. 22/04/2016